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I Need to Get My Life Together - MoreGatherings

You’ve got this. If it feels like you’re having your butt kicked every day of the week, fear not. This session pack will have you back on top in no time.



Parenting Power

“Getting kids to listen all day long”

Turn exhausting morning arguments into positive interactions that set your day on a great path. Go from saying things five times, to having your kids listen the first time!

With a combined 30 years experience in the education sector, we founded Parenting Power with the goal of helping parents face everyday challenges. Our commitment to the growth of our company has always been matched with our commitment to be present with our own children and families along the way.

Mika Perry

“Life Changing Morning & Night Routines”

Mika is a mom, blogger, influencer, and podcaster. She shares thoughtfully curated tips and tricks through her Instagram and blog to help her following live a more balanced, organized, healthy, and happy life. As a former professional organizer, she is especially well-known for her content surrounding home organization. Mika co-hosts the Good to be Home Podcast along with her husband, Russ. Good to be Home is a weekly exploration of entrepreneurship, family, marriage, sobriety, and how to balance business and life.

Steffani Lefevour

“Creating Your Unstoppable Life”

My passion and purpose is to help busy women transform their relationships with themselves, their partners, their kids and their coworkers, and live a happier life on a daily basis

Danielle Williams

“Five things you need to do right now to create financial freedom”

If you’ve ever wondered…

  • How do I get comfortable with investing?
  • Should I keep my finances separate from my spouse?
  • How do I find a financial advisor I will trust?
  • What does a financial plan look like?
  • How do I teach my kids about money?

Did you know 80% of household consumption decisions are made by moms? With this huge power comes great responsibility. And it’s often a stressful one. Mom’s are often left in the dark with financial decisions because they are not always the chief breadwinners. And the financial industry tends to over-complicate decisions and products and plans and this creates even *more* stress. Danielle is very good at simplifying financial topics. She will  lead us in her discussion on how every Domestic CEO/ Mom can gain control of their family finances, and feel calm and engaged while doing so.

Danielle will teach us five things you need to do NOW (including a fast and easy way to budget), how to be brave and invest like a pro, how to teach your kids about finances, how to talk to your partner about finances, and how to feel calm when you think about your finances.

Danielle began in financial services directly after university. She quickly progressed from a trading assistant to financial advisor to branch manager to director at a  multi-national investment firm. She is the recent co-author in two parenting books. Danielle is is a mom to two (baby) girls and because of that, is even more obsessed with financial literacy. She says: when women know their financial options, it brings them power, hope, and esteem. It gives them freedom!