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The Ultimate Mom Conference Oct. 22-23 | More Gatherings Online Event

Meet the speakers

Dr. Daniel Siegel

Presence In Parenting”- How Showing Up For Our Kids Helps Them Thrive.

This talk will provide an overview of the field of attachment research and the practical lessons learned from this basic science of how we raise our children.

Daniel J. Siegel received his medical degree from Harvard University and completed hispostgraduate medical education at UCLA with training in pediatrics and child, adolescentand adult psychiatry.  He served as a National Institute of Mental Health ResearchFellow at UCLA, studying family interactions with an emphasis on how attachmentexperiences influence emotions, behavior, autobiographical memory and narrative

Kate Northrup

“How To Have More By Doing Less” A revolutionary approach to time and energy management for ambitious women. .

As an entrepreneur, best-selling author, mother, and activist, Kate Northrup supports ambitious, motivated, and successful women to light up the world without burning themselves out in the process. Bestselling author of DO LESS.

Jennifer Anderson

(Kids Eat In Color)

Jennifer Anderson (College Park, MD) is a registered dietitian with a masters degree in Public Health. She’s passionate about changing the way we feed our children, catering to picky palates in a way that does not compromise health. Her colorful bento boxes have developed a loyal Instagram following and high child-approval rating.

Stephanie Wicker

Stephanie brings optimism and expertise to modern parenting challenges, helping to demystify puzzling childhood behaviour with simple, common-sense solutions to big challenges. She brings with her a virtual kitbag of tools to tackle tantrums, defiance and aggression which are as practical as they are positive. Through her practiced child-centred approach, Stephanie focuses primarily on three areas of development; self-esteem, self- soothing and intrinsic self-control.

Because we also envision a future where no mama or child is left behind.
we were Proud to have a portion from each ticket sale go back to mamas for mamas

Founded in 2015 as a grassroots organization to connect moms and share resources through a Facebook page, Mamas for Mamas has grown into a registered non-profit organization with 20,000 members locally, and has encouraged the expansion of over 50 other chapters across Canada. Mamas for Mamas offers poverty relief and mental health services to mothers, caregivers and their children, experiencing varying levels of poverty.

Their mission is to change the landscape of poverty through innovative approaches to financial barriers faced by struggling families. By embracing their philosophy of ‘giving a hand up, not a hand out’, the Mamas team is able to address gaps in food security through their sustainable nourishment program which includes fresh eggs, fruit and vegetables, that they grow themselves on a half acre farm. Last year, they distributed over 2,000 food hampers through this program with produce and eggs from their volunteer-run farm.

Over 4,000 moms and families took advantage of their at-risk services program providing 1 to 1 support with a social worker and donation coordinator to help them overcome the impact of poverty on their lives. With only a small number of paid staff members, it is their vibrant team of 186 volunteers, that keep this organization going. These volunteers range in age from tots who help weed their garden plot to a 92 year old woman who assists with the Karma Market – the free store filled with clothing, toiletries and necessities for those in need. In 2018, they volunteered a total of 14,560 hours.

Shannon, the Founder of Mamas for Mamas and proud mom of 2 boys, was recently selected as one of 15 top tech founders nationally through Metabridge, for the innovative use of technology in digitizing poverty relief, largely by being the first charity born on social media.

The ultimate mom resource

This live summit brought together some of the worlds leading parenting experts.  These sessions are now available for download so you can watch at your leisure, and watch your favorite topics again and again for motivation and inspiration on the days you need it most.

session packs STARTING As low as $29.99


take control and BE THE

Remember when you were expecting with your first little one and you’d find yourself lost in daydreams of a giggling Gerber baby, your old jeans, a clean house, dinner on the table a happy marriage full of bliss from this new addition? Yeah, so do we… and then we woke up, and although we wouldn’t change a thing, this was not even close to our reality.

We have beautiful, challenging, smart, spirited, energetic children and we needed more help than we could ask for. So started our never ending quest for tips from fellow parents, until we decided that a more formal platform for sharing was needed. We hope you’ll join us during this two day gathering with a wide range of experts from around the world to help us navigate the worlds toughest job.

a life changing experience

This gathering will leave you feeling empowered to take control and be the CEO of Motherhood that you’re meant to be.

an incredible network

Join an incredible network of thousands of women worldwide who can support you on this journey.

ADVICE FROM expert speakers

Fill your toolbox with a skillset you never knew existed that will make your everyday more harmonious, peaceful and productive.

LEARN SKILLS to thrive

Learn to do MORE with the overwhelming blessing of Motherhood… let’s not survive, but learn to thrive.

ready for more?

We welcome you to this community, where all are welcome.
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